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Taste a leaf? Mmm, nice and tangy hot. Dig for bugs? "Roly-poly!" The garden is much more than activities outdoors: making school garden stone soup, writing Found Poems and solving garden riddles, getting involved in community projects such as Harvest Day, food bank donations, and spring plant sales. Each season creates a new way to learn, explore, discover and make friends. School librarian and gardener Rick Swann, in his picture book debut, describes the wonder of connecting with nature and the joy of growing and eating one's own harvest.  Rick Swann is a school librarian here in town. He has been a gardener since he was four, picking asparagus and blueberries near his childhood home in New England. Now he harvests vegetables with his students from their school garden for the local food bank. Rick has been a presenter at state library conferences and gardening events. This is his first book. Learn more about Rick at

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